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Why Choose Us For ASQ Certification Examination Training

Why choose the Jim Smith Quality Institute (JSQI) to prepare for your next ASQ certification exam?  Listed below are a few exceptional reasons, but first a few distinctions between what ASQ does and what the function of JSQI is:


Important Distinctions between ASQ and JSQI

ASQ: The American Society for Quality® is the owner and administrator of all issues connected with the:

  • Approval of Applicants to Take an ASQ Certification Exam (applicants must meet mandatory education and/or experience eligibility requirements identified by ASQ for each certification exam in order to sit for an exam - refer to Cert Requirements Tab).
  • Certification Exam Costs, Testing Windows & Locations for the Computer-Based Examinations Delivered by ASQ's Testing Partner Prometric.
  • Content of Each Certification Exam.
  • Determination of Pass / Fail Criteria for Each Certification Exam.
  • 3-Year Recertification Requirements (when applicable).

JSQI: The Jim Smith Quality Institute offers, totally separate from ASQ, comprehensive training that addresses each of the specific topics outlined by ASQ in their Body of Knowledge (BoK) for each of the certifications offered.  We provide instruction that goes far beyond the minimums by incorporating practical, real-world experiences realized from decades of working for a Fortune 50 company.


Reasons for Choosing JSQI

  • JSQI was recognized as a prestigious "Best of the Best" in the certification training sector by Worldwide Branding® in March 2016.

  • Jim Smith, who personally holds eight ASQ certifications, has been offering ASQ exam preparatory courses since 1983 with more than 10,800+ graduates from 215+ companies.  This includes students that have taken courses remotely from countries other than the United States: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, India and Australia.

  • JSQI has arguably the highest student certification exam pass rate on record as recognized by ASQ.  Our results have been absolutely world-class and no other provider approaches such stellar results over an extended period of time.  JSQI training programs have an 83%+ first-time pass rate, with an overall pass rate of 96% when retakes are factored in.  These results greatly surpass the 65% pass rate that ASQ reports as an average success rate for exam-takers across all of the certifications they offer.  JSQI inspires students to reach their full potential.  Just check out the numbers below:


  • JSQI's Self-Paced / Instructor-Directed study programs offer significantly lower total course costs when compared to the competition for comparable training and the materials provided.  With no out-of-town travel necessary to take our classes, both students and companies do not lose 3-5 days of productive employee work.

  • Course learning is spread over an 11-13 week period that greatly enhances the long-term retention of material by students.  We really do care about our students and it is our belief that our success is directly linked to the success of our students.  Post-course evaluations historically rate JSQI's preparatory courses 9+ out of 10 on satisfaction surveys.  There is also a significant long-term record of students repeating as customers by taking additional courses.  

  • Each certification preparatory course is a rigorously designed program with real world learning that teaches much more than just the minimums required by ASQ’s various Bodies of Knowledge (BoK).
  • Materials supplied to students are based on ASQ’s BoK for each specific certification exam.  Included in each course fee students receive an unprecedented amount of materials that is unmatched by any other training provider; while at the same time providing unparalleled learning reinforcement: Some of the items included are:

    • Access to 2-3 hour recordings for each individual course training session (usually 11-14 total sessions depending on certification course).
    • Course textbook.
    • Personalized 3-ring student workbook cover page.
    • Color-coded element tabs for student's workbook.
    • Detailed course syllabus identifying study assignments.
    • A copy of each week’s Power-Point slides - hundreds of slides per course (not applicable for CRE, CSSBB, and CSQP courses which receive Primers instead).
    • Topical examinations with "solution" texts that not only identify the correct question answers, and why they are correct, but also explanations of why each incorrect answer is not correct.
    • Comprehensive practice examinations along with "solution" texts.
    • A significant number of detailed, unique and specialized study guides.
    • A large number of relevant supplemental articles collected over many years.
    • Course certificate for students who complete course requirements.

  • Students also receive the highly acclaimed and student-favorite "Jim Smith's Glossary of Terms and Definitions" handbook that provides an excellent resource for study, exam reference (an absolutely “must have” during the ASQ examinations), and use as a desk reference.  This 340+ pages resource that contains over 3,000+ terms and definitions is only available from JSQI.
    • Most recorded course sessions are taught personally by Jim Smith.  The few sessions he does not teach personally are taught by topic-specific experts that have decades of quality experience as well as possessing one or more ASQ certifications.  Class sessions normally last 2-3 hours and are a mixture of lecture and exam solution discussion.  There is, however, work to be done (homework) between individual sessions.
    • JSQI accepts course payments via check/money order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) at our Peoria offices, or via our website at using either PayPal® Checkout, or Pay with Amazon®.