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Certification Key Dates, Paths & Translation Information

Key Certification Dates

As noted in the table below, ASQ conducts the exam for each of their certifications six times per year.  One group of exams is offered during "testing windows" January, March, May, July, September and November.  A second set of exams is offered during "testing windows" February, April, June, August, October and December.  All courses will be scheduled to start in a manner that will sync perfectly with one of ASQ's "testing windows".  For the current certification testing windows access the ASQ website at


Certification Development Paths

The map below depicts some recommended orders of certification acquisition that could be followed depending on a person’s selected career path within a quality field; it does not depict an order that must be followed.  It’s designed to allow a student to build upon the Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) acquired in prior certifications.




Certification Exam Translations

ASQ offers all of their certification exams worldwide in English.  In addition, several of the certification exams have been translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Korean for use in specific countries only (see below).  Visit the ASQ certification web page for more details or to apply for an exam.

  • English: All Certification Examinations
  • Mandarin: CMQ/OE, CQE, CRE, CSSGB, CSSBB
  • Korean: CQE, CRE


For additional details on ASQ Certifications, access the ASQ website at:

  • Exam Dates.
  • Exam Locations.
  • Exam Fees.
  • Download Specific Certification Brochures.
  • Determine if a certification is right for you:
    • Required Education / Work Experience.
    • Minimum Expectations.
    • Body of Knowledge (BoK).