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What Happens After Registration


NOTE: As previously mentioned, students should register at least 4-weeks prior to a course’s start date since most of the items included in the course training package, that will be mailed to a student prior to the course start date, are not ‘off-the-shelf’ type materials. 

  1. Prior to a course’s launch date students will start receiving multiple communications that will Explain, Guide and Prepare them for their learning journey.

  2. Also prior to a course’s launch, students will receive a package containing most of the training materials previously identified. Most significant among these are:
    • Course Textbook
    • The “Jim Smith’s Glossary of Terms & Definitions” Handbook.
    • A set of color-coded ‘element tabs’ for placement in a student’s workbook.

  3. During the course there will be two session per week for students to complete:
    • Overview Session - Students are assigned reading from the course’s textbook, articles, and study guides. Each week, where available, they will also receive a recording that discusses the key points of that week’s learning.  They will have copies of PowerPoint slides to follow along and take notes should they wish.
    • Application Session - Students will receive a weekly topical exam to complete for each course element. Subsequently, they will be forwarded a “Solutions Text” document for use in reviewing their completed exam along with a discussion recording that addressed detailed information.

  4. Occasional students will be sent other relevant information, advice, etc. as a class moves through the course stages toward completion.

  5. Via weekly Assignment Summaries students will be continually reminded of important dates in the certification process such as:
    • Start date of JSQI’s training.
    • ASQ’s exam application deadline dates.
    • Need to schedule certification examination with Prometric.

  6. Students can contact us during the learning process should they have any questions or items to discuss as a class progresses. Send emails to