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The Jim Smith Quality Institute (JSQI), a division of S-Squared Enterprises USA Inc, provides the most in-depth and comprehensive training courses available for students preparing for one of the quality certification exams offered by the American Society for Quality® (ASQ).  JSQI was recognized as a prestigious "Best of the Best" in the certification training sector by Worldwide Branding® in March 2016.

Jim Smith is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of JSQI along with Walt Saal, the company's Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer.  Jim was elected to the prestigious position of "ASQ Fellow" in 2006 and Walt was recognized as a Senior ASQ Member in 2002.

Offering unparalleled training course content and student examination success rates since 2009, the focus of JSQI has been to provide adult students the best resources possible to prepare for the various certification examinations offered by ASQ on a bi-monthly rotating basis each year.

JSQI preparatory courses are offered to students via a Self-Paced / Instructor-Directed process.  This training method is structured in such a way that students never have to disrupt their normal work or life schedules in order to attend a course offering that only occurs at a set date & time each week.  Historically we have found there has been no difference in the "pass rate" for students choosing this "self-paced" process versa those students who previously attended our "live" courses taught in a classroom setting or via a remote connection.


Courses Currently Offered By JSQI

Courses with JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, JULY, SEPTEMBER & NOVEMBER ASQ "17-Day Testing Windows"

  • CMQ/OE - Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence
  • CRE - Certified Reliability Engineer
  • CQT - Certified Quality Technician
  • CSQP - Certified Supplier Quality Professional (New Offering)
  • CQI - Certified Quality Inspector
  • CSSBB - Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Courses with FEBRUARY, APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER & DECEMBER ASQ "17-Day Testing Windows"

  • CQE - Certified Quality Engineer
  • CQA - Certified Quality Auditor
  • CQIA - Certified Quality Improvement Associate
  • CQPA - Certified Quality Process Analyst
  • CSSGB - Certified Six Sigma Green Belt


Course Package

Supreme Package (Includes the Following Items)

  • Course textbook.
  • The "Jim Smith's Glossary of Terms and Definitions" handbook.
  • Personalized student workbook cover page.
  • Color-coded element tabs for student's workbook.
  • Five to seven (5-7) comprehensive practice examinations along with "solution" texts.
  • Detailed course syllabus identifying study assignments.
  • A copy of each week's Power-Point slides - hundreds of slides per course (not applicable for CRE, CSSBB, and CSQP courses which receive Primers instead).
  • Topical examinations with "solution" texts that not only identify the correct question answers, and why they are correct, but also explanations of why each incorrect answer is not correct.
  • Two (2) comprehensive practice examinations along with "solution" texts.
  • A significant number of detailed, unique and specialized study guides.
  • A large number of relevant supplemental articles collected over many years.
  • Course certificate for students who complete course requirements



January, March, May, July, September & November

(17-Day Examination Testing Window)


ASQ Certification

Package Price

CMQ/OE $1199
CRE $1199
CQT $999
CSQP $1099
CQI $849
CSSBB $1199


February, April, June, August, October & December

(17-Day Examination Testing Window)


ASQ Certification

Package Price

CQE $1299
CQA $1099
CQIA $799
CQPA $949
CSSGB $999